Our History

Our love of the horse has taken us many directions over the past 30 years to prepare us and bring us to this point. We are horse people, every aspect of our lives are filled with horses. It is only natural that we want to share our pation with others. Weather it be during our many Cristmas events, Weddings, fairs, festevals or throughout the winter at Highland Forest Onondoga county park giveing sleigh rides we love to share our horses with you. We just love to make people smile.

Our Mission

Our mission statement here at CNY Carriage company has to be, to be involved with as many of your special events in central, southern and northern NY as possible. Such as proposals, engagements, weddings, high school proms, parades, fairs and festavals. Where ever there is a smile we would like to be there to make it bigger. so I gues our mission is to use our horses to make smiles bigger and make special even more special.

We Look Forward To Hearing From You.